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senior elementary ed major at university of hartford.
obsessed with sports (yankees & cowboys), music, camping, summer, my dog, neons, harry potter & the office. more often than not i am acting like a boy.
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Everything Love

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"does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?"

mayday parade

"We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there."

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i’m only doing this because i’m at my parents house until tomorrow so i don’t have anywhere to physically write this. i’m laying on the couch watching a breaking bad marathon. christmas was amazing. jake was here for my family party, and for christmas day, and i was at his parents for his family party. everything was really perfect.
now, because i am a neurotic and anxious and stressed human being as i always am, i just can’t get used to this boyfriend thing. i honestly don’t know when it’s okay to be frustrated or nervous or self conscious or worried. i don’t know when it’s okay to say ‘are you okay? is it something that i did?’ or when it’s okay to say ‘this is why i’m so frustrated’. on one hand, i know that this is only ever going to work if i talk, but on the other hand, if i talk too much, or come across as too neurotic or too annoying, then he’ll get annoyed and tired of me. i have a lot of things that i’m frustrated about that i couldn’t even BEGIN to explain, because i can’t even distinguish them in my own head. i know there’s a 99% chance i am psyching myself out like i always am, but i really don’t know what to do. i’m just so frustrated.

stop being such an ungrateful baby

1. my flannel sheets

2. my kitty snuggling with me right now even though she doesn’t like snuggling at all

3. my best friend has been listening to me whine about the same thing for the past three weeks and she’s still genuinely concerned and making me feel better

4. mumford & sons pandora

5. ‘bleed red’ sweatpants 

6. the a-team is always there 

7. my students are going to wake up in the morning & be genuinely excited to come to school and see me

8. i get to give 5 of my kids math awards in front of the school and they’re going to be so excited

9. i’m not pregnant

10. annie’s going to go to happy hour with me tomorrow

11. not one of my students in any of my three classes has less than a C grade 

12. my new coffee cup

13. stress relief tea in kelsey’s classroom to drink tomorrow

14. birthday in 14 days!

15. home to montville in 12 days. just 12 days.

16. james is going to have so much venison for me to eat. 

17. the cowboys have a bye this week so i don’t have to watch them lose

18. i’m going to quit the bar soon & get a better second job

19. my friends are driving all the way from new york and jersey and massachussetts and maybe canada just to see me for my birthday

20. tomorrow is friday, then you have two days off.

21. johnny cash 

22. my paper is almost done

23. my students really do love me

24. i don’t live in hartford anymore

25. i have the best parents & brother i could ask for, honestly

26. they put up with a lot of my shit. a lot.

27. it’s not yankees season anymore

28. there’s a lot more to worry about in this very moment in this life that are going to affect you for a lot longer than what boys love you right now. 

29. i’m 22 & i have a job that a lot of adult teachers can’t get. and i’ve been wanting this job since i was 7. i’m literally living my dream.

30. i have money in the bank. not a lot but enough. 

31. you have a job, you have amazing friends, amazing family, you’re alive, you’re not sick, you have a good sense of humor, you’re not too fat, your hair’s not too short anymore, your family is healthy, your friends are healthy. not one boy is ever worth crying about when you have these things. 



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i’m either feeling ‘alone with you’ by jake owen or ‘best i never had’ by beyonce. there are no in-between emotions.


By Dana Fradon for the The New Yorker

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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

bad that all i can think of is monkey emojis?

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sometimes nights like this one are all i need.

drinking wine, making homemade eggplant parm, listening to barstool beats & doing it all alone in my apartment. alone nights are phenomenal sometimes.

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